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Winner of the
New York Book Festival Award!

And Top Finalist for the

Compton Crook Award for Best First Novel in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror
IPPY Award for Best Novel in Horror
Benjamin Franklin Award for Best 2-Color Cover (by T. Glenn Bane)

Ivy Cole and the Moon

Look for the sequel, Luna, due out September 2007!

“Ivy Cole is…the new heroine of horror fiction.”
~ Elizabeth Massie, Bram Stoker Award-winning author
Ivy Cole and the Moon is an intriguing morality play, featuring sharply drawn, engaging characters and loaded with rural southern atmosphere. With her stark descriptions, authentic, colloquial dialogue, and characters possessed of dreadful secrets, Gina Farago gives us a tale with both dark, subtle undertones and wild, graphic action-kind of like Flannery O'Connor meets The Howling.”
~ Stephen Mark Rainey, Author of The Lebo Coven, Balak, Dark
Shadows: Dreams of the Dark
(cowritten with Elizabeth Massie),
Legends of the Night
, and many others
“It is rare when an author has the ability to let the reader see, hear, feel and smell so vividly what they are reading. Farago lets the mind’s eye travel beyond the printed page so one may experience this well-written story about Ivy Cole and the moon. At last, an unusual and entertaining book for werewolf enthusiasts!”
~ Robert Harris, Cabin Fever
“Farago's novel immediately captures the imagination with its setting in the deep, dark North Carolina mountains…By the end of Ivy Cole and the Moon, we are left to wonder whether there could be such a thing as a werewolf. We're longing for a sequel and looking hopefully out the window for the next full moon.”
~ Barbara Bamberger Scott, reviewer for the
Greensboro News and Record and author of
With It: A Year on the Carnival Trail
Ivy Cole and the Moon Is About…
Ivy Cole has come home to the South, and her first order of business upon arriving in her new town is to eliminate the unsavory folks who reside there. Proud of what she can accomplish under the spell of the full moon, Ivy leaves the consequences of her actions lying about Doe Springs (in pieces) as a reminder that evil happens to those who deserve it.
But something else has taken up residence in the land, something violent and cruel, with an unconscionable appetite that eventually targets the ones Ivy loves. While she hunts and is hunted by the other, Sheriff Hubbard doggedly works to solve the mystery behind the savage killings and mutilations.
Ivy Cole and the Moon is an artful mix of horror, mystery, and Southern literary fiction. Farago weaves ancient werewolf and wolf mythology throughout her plot while blending in scientific and historical facts about true wolves. Forget the stereotypical Hollywood monster. Farago reinvents the werewolf in this first of the Lykanthrop series.
Absent for more than a century, the voice of the wolf rises over the Appalachian peaks once more.

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Page Count:
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Gina Farago
6 x 9 Hardcover
September 2005
(c) 2005, NeDeoPress.com

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