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Wolf Prints

Everywhere you look—there’s a Weasel! In the shopping malls, the workplace, the home...in your face! Their ludicrous, self-serving ways have been accepted by a society gone haywire in its idiotic pursuit to be politically correct. Not so here. Bane draws them as she sees them. WICKEDLY SARCASTIC, FEROCIOUSLY FUNNY, strangely insightful (and “inciteful”!), Bane knows everyone is a pain in the neck to someone, but do we ever see ourselves as someone else’s pain in the ass? This is the first in a series of books that point out, with delicious dark humor, the bloodthirsty weasel in us all. Look out...The Bloodthirsty Weasels are On the Loose and Buck Wild!
Gray mist and darkness settle over the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Underneath a midnight veil of fog and falling moonlight, the town of Doe Springs restlessly sleeps, fearful that the killer who has already claimed four lives is hunting again. No one would ever suspect that the beautiful dog trainer, Ivy Cole, stalks on four legs with blazing orange eyes. But unbeknownst to Ivy, another werewolf has moved into town, and the hunter has become the hunted.
Absent for more than a century, the voice of the wolf rises over the Appalachian peaks again.
Beautifully conceived and delivered, this mother-daughter undertaking is a book that can warm both the kitchen and the heart.
Tasty Appalachian recipes and authentic stories of mountain living are brought together here in this book inspired by a way of life forgotten in the fast-paced modern world. Generations in the making, this collection of old-timey favorites takes us on a culinary journey to a vanishing past, back to a life driven by necessity and the principles of making do.
From simple dishes like Fried Green Tomatoes to those that take a little more effort but are definitely worth the work (Molasses and Apple Butter Cake comes to mind), you'll find delicious meals to grace your table and accompanying vignettes to warm your heart. And all the recipes in this book are from scratch, just like the way real MeMas up on the Blue Ridge did it "back then" and even today. So join our kitchen, the kitchen of a mountain MeMa, and savor a taste of the past.
(c) 2005, NeDeoPress.com

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