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The Bloodthirsty Weasels

“Bane has a nasty mind and a funny pen, and the result is a delightful book full of captioned pictures that you will want to xerox and post on your office door. . . . Bane has created something wonderful here that could well catch on and become part of our vocabulary.”
~ Orson Scott Card
“In the world in which we live, where the appreciation for brilliant in-your-face comedy is slowly being stamped out, the Bloodthirsty Weasels are a breath of fresh air....I nearly busted a gut laughing my a** off!”
~ Dan Johnson, Comic Writer
“Why does everything with you have to be ‘bloodthirsty-this’ and ‘gory-that’?!?”
~ Joan Falcone, Author’s Mother
Everywhere you look—there’s a Weasel! In the shopping malls, the workplace, the home...in your face! Their ludicrous, self-serving ways have been accepted by a society gone haywire in its idiotic pursuit to be politically correct. Not so here. Bane draws them as she sees them. WICKEDLY SARCASTIC, FEROCIOUSLY FUNNY, strangely insightful (and “inciteful”!), Bane knows everyone is a pain in the neck to someone, but do we ever see ourselves as someone else’s pain in the ass? This is the first in a series of books that point out, with delicious dark humor, the bloodthirsty weasel in us all. Look out...The Bloodthirsty Weasels are On the Loose and Buck Wild!
Coming Soon! Actual Factual Dracula, a compendium of vampires and their legends from around the world, by Theresa “Terry” Bane.

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Theresa “Terry” Bane
8 x 5½ Softcover
June 2005
(c) 2005, NeDeoPress.com

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