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Wolf Prints
Enjoy the wonder and majesty of the gray wolf! Original prints by Photographer Karl Farago, text by Gina Farago.
Click on an image below for larger image and additional details about each print... it's that easy!

Farago Wolf Prints

Pricing for Prints: 5x7 $8.00 | 8x10 $15.00 | 13x19 $25.00
Due to the inexact nature of digital photography, picture sizing is approximate. None of the photos will be cropped to fit paper sizes that may not work well with the individual photograph, so you get exactly what you see!
Kissing the Sky
Kissing the Sky Wolf Print
Mountain Spring
Mountain Spring Wolf Print
Reflections Wolf Print
Air Lupus
Air Lupus Wolf Print
Hold It Right There!
Hold It Right There! Wolf Print
Autumn Wolf Print
Hypnotic Wolf Print
Swamp Wolf
Swamp Wolf Print
Moonlight Swim
Moonlight Swim Wolf Print
Serenade Wolf Print
Double Trouble
Double Trouble Wolf Print
Thief of Hearts
Thief of Hearts Wolf Print
Ponder Wolf Print
Three’s a Crowd
Three’s a Crowd Wolf Print
Winter Nears
Winter Nears Wolf Print
Primal Dance
Primal Dance Wolf Print
Intensity Wolf Print
Warrior Wolf
Warrior Wolf Print
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