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JUNE 2005
Media Contact: Barbara S. Bane, 336-315-6080, ormedia@nedeopress.com

Local Publisher Debuts Titles at Largest Tradeshow in North America

GREENSBORO, N.C.-NeDeo Press from Greensboro, N.C., headed north to New York City last weekend (June 3-5) to debut four new titles at Book Expo America, the largest tradeshow in the United States for people in and associated with the publishing business.

"Our weekend could not have gone better," NeDeo Press director Barbara S. Bane said. "It was amazing that at this international event, where we were exhibiting alongside such publishers as Random House and celebrities like Michael Crichton and Mary Higgins Clark, that our titles and authors received such widespread interest, including from Europe and the film industry."

NeDeo Press's debut releases for 2005 include "The Bloodthirsty Weasels: On the Loose and Buck Wild," an illustrated dark humor book from Pleasant Garden author Theresa "Terry" Bane; "Ivy Cole and the Moon," a werewolf novel set in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, by Greensboro author Gina Farago; "Making Do: How to Cook Like a Mountain MeMa," a Depression-era Southern Appalachian cookbook by Lois Sutphin of Robbins, N.C.; and "Farago Wolves," a collection of individual wolf prints by NeDeo's in-house photographer, Karl Farago.

NeDeo, which is a combination of Latin and Italian and means Trust God, was founded in 2002. A small press, the company only publishes three to four titles a year.

"But after last weekend," Barbara Bane said, "We know it has paid off to focus on quality rather than quantity."

You can learn more about NeDeo Press and its products by visiting their Web site at www.nedeopress.com.

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