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"I just wanted to say that I just loved the book Ivy Cole and the Moon !!!! It was an awesome read….I am always looking for the next great author to come along, and guess what? She did! Gina Farago is a literary genius. She definitely appeals to your senses in this book. I felt like I was right there with Ivy as she walked a fine line between being human and being wolf. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to feel like they are in the moment with the characters. I can't wait until I can get my hands on Luna [the sequel]. I know it will just blow me away!"
~One of your new greatest fans, Linett Spann
"I am losing sleep because of Ivy Cole and the Moon! This book is incredible. I would love to bring it to work and read during my lunch hour, but I know I wouldn't put it back down so I don't dare."
~ Rebecca Patille Bennett
"If you feel that werewolves have not been given their due, then this is the book you have been waiting for."
~ T. Glenn Bane, author of the upcoming RPG, Dark Fantasy of Sundrah
"Ivy Cole and the Moon is a fantastic read. Gina is a brilliant writer that captures the feelings, sounds, and sights vividly in the reader's mind. There are so many possibilities as to where the tale will go. I am anxiously awaiting the next novel to be swept away into the werewolves' world again."
~ Denise Rounds
"I have been reading your book and I hate to even put it down. It is spellbinding. You are one talented girl."
~ Dorothy Sutphin
"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book. I picked it up at Horrorfind and read it over the next several days. I enjoyed the way that Ivy did not feel bad about her 'curse' and did not even think about it in those terms at all. I also liked when you put in little nods to the werewolf history such as the farmer's last name being Talbot, etc. Overall, I would say that this was an excellent book, and I look forward to reading Luna when it comes out next year."
~ Bruce Dennison
"Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I could hardly put it down, and I can't wait for the next one! Congratulations on a job very well done."
~ Brenda McCrone
"Ivy Cole and the Moon is a respectable and impressive werewolf novel….Buy it and read."
~ Mark Owings

Price: $25.95
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Page Count:
Publish Date:
Gina Farago
6 x 9 Hardcover
September 2005
(c) 2005, NeDeoPress.com

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