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JUNE 2006
Media Contact: Barbara Bane, Business Director, 336-315-6080, orbsbane@nedeopress.com, www.nedeopress.com

Lady Werewolf Snares National Finalist Awards

GREENSBORO, N.C.-The novel Ivy Cole and the Moon by Greensboro author Gina Farago ended its award season with top finalist honors in three national competitions. The thriller starring a lady werewolf, Ivy Cole, garnered recognition for the following: the Compton Crook Award for best first novel in science fiction, fantasy, and horror; the Independent Publisher Book Awards (the IPPY) in the horror category; and the Benjamin Franklin Award in the category of two-color cover design for the book jacket created by T. Glenn Bane.

NeDeo Press, Farago's publisher, released the book in fall of last year. "2005 was our first year publishing books, and we are proud to feature such literary and artistic talent as Gina's and Glenn's. Putting their work together was the perfect combination," Barbara Bane, director of NeDeo Press, said.

The Compton Crook Award is presented annually by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Inc., at their convention, Balticon, held on Memorial Day weekend in Maryland. The Benjamin Franklin Award winners were announced during a ceremony held by the Publishers Marketing Association on May 17, and the IPPY winners were announced May 19. Both events were in Washington, D.C. The Benjamin Franklin and IPPY awards recognize excellence in the field of independent publishing.

"This is my first novel, and to be honored by even one competition would have been amazing for me," Farago said.

Ivy Cole and the Moon is set in the mountains of North Carolina. Farago uses facts about real wolf behavior, folklore, and police procedure to lend realism to the story. Guilford County, N.C., Sheriff BJ Barnes assisted Farago with the law enforcement elements of the story, and the staff of Wolf Park, Ind., allowed Farago to work hands-on with a gray wolf pack at their facility. Farago is currently working on a sequel titled Luna.

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