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New York Publishing Giant Signs North Carolina Author

GREENSBORO, N.C.-Berkley Books, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. and publisher of such notables as Tom Clancy, Robin Cook, and Patricia Cornwell, has acquired the paperback rights to the newly released thriller Ivy Cole and the Moon by Greensboro author Gina Farago.

"I am so happy we've acquired paperback rights to Ivy Cole and the Moon," Anne Sowards, an editor for Berkley, said. "It's a wonderful story, and all the research [Farago] has done about wolves really comes through. I'm really looking forward to bringing Ivy Cole's story to a new audience."

Berkley Books contacted NeDeo Press, the hardcover publisher of Ivy Cole and the Moon, a month after the advance reading copy debuted at the BookExpo America tradeshow in June. Berkley made their first offer for the paperback rights three days before the hardcover was published on September 1.

"I was delighted and excited to hear from Berkley," Farago said. "I had not queried or solicited them in any way, so to have a large publisher of that caliber call out of the blue was wonderful."

Farago worked two and a half years on her novel, which is set in the mountains of North Carolina and stars a lady werewolf, Ivy Cole. Threads of mystery, suspense, and even romance wind through the plot like the Blue Ridge Parkway itself. Farago uses facts about real wolf behavior, folklore, and police procedure to lend realism to the story. Guilford County, N.C., Sheriff BJ Barnes assisted Farago with the law enforcement elements of the story, and the staff of Wolf Park, Ind., allowed Farago to work hands-on with a gray wolf pack at their facility.

Berkley Books will publish Ivy Cole and the Moon as early as fall of next year. The hardcover is available now at local bookstores, Amazon.com, or by ordering directly from NeDeo Press atNeDeoPress.com.

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