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"This is just about the funniest, most pointed commentary on social behavior I've ever come across. Weasels are everywhere, and although they may disguise themselves, their behavior always gives them away. Gary Larson fans, pay attention!"
~ Angel Poe, Co-owner, Booklovers Bookstore, Aiken, SC
"A truly comical commentary on the inappropriate behavior of individuals which pervade the world around us. Theresa "Terry" Bane demonstrates her artistic talent through the illustrations that accompany the text. Definitely a hysterical read!"
~ Dr. Nicole Porta, School Psychologist
"This book is hysterical. I was kept interested and I couldn't put it down. Would definitely recommend to anyone. I deal with people like this all day 24/7. Can't wait for the follow-up."
~ Sally Whelpley
"Ms. Bane has expressed the thoughts of so many of us with the cartoons in this book. Everyone at some time or the other experienced a weasel moment and now someone has taken the time to show the world that it's a shared experience. Containing flashes of comic genius reminiscent of the late B. Kliban's non-cat work or Gary Larson at his best, and universal truths that speak to each of us, this is a book that will continue to amuse and entertain you for years to come."
~ Becky Peters
"The Bloodthirsty Weasels is perfect for all of us who have been exasperated and pushed to the edge - by the ones we love!!!"
~ Tangela Stanley
"The Bloodthirsty Weasels: On the Loose and Buck Wild really tells it like it is. The pictures are free-flowing and tell a thousand words. The captions couldn't be funnier! The thing that strikes closest to home is how accurate the book really is. We all know (or are) Bloodthirsty Weasels to some extent."
~ Vincenzo L. Falcone

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Theresa “Terry” Bane
8 x 5½ Softcover
June 2005
(c) 2005, NeDeoPress.com

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