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Discovery Channel Interviews North Carolina "Vampirologist" for Halloween Documentary

GREENSBORO, N.C.-The Discovery Channel interviewed author Terry Bane for their upcoming Halloween documentary "Twisted History: Vampires," which will air October 30 at 10 p.m. and October 31 at 2 a.m. The station caught up with Bane at the Horrorfind Weekend convention in Baltimore, Md., in August, dubbing her a vampire expert, or vampirologist, for their show, based on the vast knowledge she has on the topic.

"I keep my research strictly to nonfiction sources," Bane said. "After knowing all there is to know about the myth, one has to research into the history of the people that created the vampire in that region in that time. The vampires that the Aztecs prayed to as gods are not the vampires that are feared in modern-day Mexico. Times change, people change, and vampires change with them."

The 35-minute interview with Discovery's producer involved questions from Vlad the Impaler's significance to the vampire myth to what other foods vampires derive sustenance from other than blood (pumpkins, pistachios, and body fat were a few of the answers, depending on from which part of the world the vampire legend hails).

"The producer asked a lot of questions about the actual myth of the vampire and did little to foster the Hollywood or Stoker vampire," Bane said. "That vampire is what appeals to Americans, but it is not near the actual mythos. I liked that a lot."

Bane's upcoming book, "Actual Factual Dracula," is a compendium of vampire legends from around the world and throughout history. Bane has worked on compiling the information for years. Her current book, "The Bloodthirsty Weasels: On the Loose and Buck Wild" (from NeDeo Press), is an illustrated book using puns and dark humor to show inane human behavior. Is it related to vampires?

"Only in the sense that the Weasels are also bloodsuckers and will drain the life right out of you," Bane said.

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